Certified Flight Instructor

If you have a passion for teaching or want to share your passion for helicopters with others, the Certified Flight Instructor Course is the way to do it! Certified Flight Instructors teach students both on the ground and in the skies. Here at ARH Academy, we instruct you to be a master of your craft, while further increasing your qualification and expanding the realm of employment possibilities available to you!

Price$8,375Passengers1Departing AirportSpringdale

15 Hours of Helicopter Flight Instruction – R44 @ $380/hr $5,700
20 Hours of Ground School @ $40/hr $800
Books and Training Materials $300
FAA Written Test, Fundamentals of Instruction $150
FAA Written Test, CFI Rotorcraft-Helicopter $165
FAA Examiner’s Check Ride Fee (Estimate) $500
2 Hour Helicopter Lease for Check Ride $760
Minimum Cost $8,375

All flight times are based on the FAA’s Minimum flight requirements.  Arkansas Helicopters, LLC does not warrant that every student will be able to pass a check ride at these minimum flight times and in many cases may require more flight time than the listed minimums.  All flight training is done in a Robinson R44.