Private Pilot Training

Take to the skies and begin your journey to become a Private Pilot! This course certifies you to fly any single engine helicopter as a Private Pilot. If you want to fly your friends and family or for your own transportation purposes, this is the course for you. This course is also the starting point for a career as a professional pilot!

Price$18,635Passengers1Departing AirportSpringdale

37 Hours of Helicopter Flight Instruction – R44 @ $380/hr $14,060
5 Hours of Solo Helicopter Flight – R44 @ $380/hr $1,900
25 Hours of Ground School @ $40/hr $1,000
Books and Training Materials $150
FAA Written Exam Fee $165
Second Class Flight Physical and Student Pilot Certificate $100
FAA Examiner’s Check Ride Fee (Estimate) $500
2 Hour Helicopter Lease for Check Ride $760
Minimum Cost $18,635

All flight times are based on the FAA’s Minimum flight requirements.  Arkansas Helicopters, LLC does not warrant that every student will be able to pass a check ride at these minimum flight times and in many cases may require more flight time than the listed minimums.  All flight training is done in a Robinson R44.